Q: How do automatic contributions work?

A: You will be asked to select a start date, frequency and contribution amount using the standard authorization form. (Please download and print off, fill out and send to the office.)  On the date(s) scheduled, donations will be electronically transferred from your checking or saving account to the church’s bank account.  You will need to provide routing and account numbers (or a voided check) when completing the authorization form.

Q: When will my contribution be processed?

A: Your contribution will be processed each month on the date(s) you authorize.

Q: What can I use to show I made a donation?

A: The church will continue to issue a quarterly itemized list of all contributions including those make electronically as they have in the past.

Q: How safe is Electronic Giving?

A: It is safer than writing checks or carrying cash to church. Secure donation services are provided by Vanco Services, LLC.  Vanco processes electronic donations for more than 15,000 churches and nonprofit organizations.

Q: How can I still participate in the offering during services?

A: You can still display a symbolic act of giving by either writing “I give electronically” on the outside of the envelope or by contacting the church office to request an “I give electronically” card to drop into the offering plate.

Q: What if I need to cancel or temporarily place my donation on hold?

A: You can cancel or suspend donations by notifying the church.

Q:  What do I do with the completed authorization form including a voided check?

A:  The completed authorization form may be placed in a sealed envelope and placed in the basket on the counter above Pam’s desk in the church office.

If you have any further questions you may contact Paige in the church office.