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Family Fun Carnival

Join us on Sunday, May 19 for the LAST day of Sunday School at Trinity Lutheran Church in Sabin starting at 10:30 a.m. for fun games outside (including bouncy houses), a pot luck lunch and BINGO. There will be great prizes for BINGO winners!


Valentine's Dinner

Valentine's Dinner hosted by the National Youth Gathering Crew Join us on Friday, February 15th from 5-8 pm for a Valentine's Dinner. Salad, pasta, bread, and dessert will be served to your table. Call the church office or talk to Emmalee to make your reservation. 218-789-7259 or email tlcsabin@gmail.com

Muskrat Dam 2017

Trinity’s LAMP Team Pastor Brett, Curt, Jim, Andrew, Stacey, Emma & Kenzie


The Team representing Trinity will be leaving Friday, July 14th for a week of VBS & Sports Camp FUN!  This year’s trip will include sharing of skills to the adults in Muskrat Dam.  Your Team will be sharing the following skills:
  • Quilt Making
  • Car Diagnostics
  • Gun Cleaning and Repair
If you have not had a chance to help out with the trip here are a few opportunities:
  • Coin Jar Donations
  • Sponsor one of the Team members
  • Assist in prepping of art supplies
  • AND MOST IMORTANTLY – Pray for the people of Muskrat Dam and their needs along with the Team’s ability to meet their needs and share the love of our Lord and Savior.  
A BIG thanks to all those that assisted in cutting out fabric to help Emma prep for her Quilting Class in Muskrat Dam.  Also a BIG thanks to all those that assisted in prepping crafts for Kenzie for VBS in Muskrat Dam.  What a blessing!
Having everything prepped before the Team leaves means more time to spend spreading the real purpose that we are in Muskrat Dam ---- GOD’s LOVE!